Monday, September 19, 2011

YA Novel outline -- a novel where the heroine is eaten at the start of the second chapter

I'd have never been so happy if I'd realized I was about to be eaten alive that afternoon.

(or how to start a YA novel where the heroine gets eaten at the beginning of the second chapter).

But the day before I had started my day off with an arm full of fresh petticoats, just dried in the Queen's flower garden.  The smell of flowers and fresh clothing, setting out the week's clothes for my maids in waiting.  The next day (today!) was to be my birthday, when I would be invested as princess of the land, so the clothes each would wear, and the matching jewelry, was more important than ever.

Myself, well always in red and garnet, given the earring that never was removed from my left ear.

... More on this novel, since the start may not seem promising ...

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