Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review of NTPRG Con 2012 -- In my mind the best con of the year. Intimate, 14 guests of honor to about 300 con goers. A place where you can have breakfast with Tim Kask, game with Frank Metzer and play test with Jeff Dee or have dinner with Jennell Jaquays or pose for a picture with Zeb Cook. 

This is all without any crowds.  Without anyone making you feel like you are crowded, can not have access or that there is an inside crowd that is excluding you.

You can visit with anyone, from a fellow con goer to a guest of honor without terribly much competition other than maybe an extra guest of honor at the table -- who will be open and available too.

A place where the snacks were sold on the honor system (obviously not for profit either), where no one was intent on squeezing a profit out of you, and where the vendors were delightful and friendly.

Not to mention, four or five of the top ten collectors in the nation were there -- and willing to talk about their collections, a couple even brought parts of them to create displays with and to let people look at things.

For the website (and for their forums and, at some point, a link to next year): NTRPGCon - Annual Role Playing Game Convention

Really nothing like it in the world.  Which is why I go every year.

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  1. Thanks for attending Steve. You and your daughters are always welcome. And one correction although we would love to service 300 gamers our attendence this year was about 100 less. Nice that it seemed like more!