Saturday, September 29, 2012

Playing at the World -- Errata

Ok, I just started reading Playing at the World.

I may review it later, but I wanted to address/gloss over the few times I'm mentioned or footnoted in the book.

"a certain Steve Marsh" [footnote 848][at Kindle page 14,,498 of 21,,918].  Made me wonder how I could become an uncertain Steve Marsh. ;)

The footnote is accurate.

 "Elder" Steve Marsh [footnote 856].  Flipping to the footnote, Steve Marsh was referred to as "Elder" because he was at that time serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and missionaries all use the title "Elder."

Next, "Tim Kask may claim he paid "good money," but the case of Steve Marsh ..." leads to the wrong conclusion.  At the time, for what I was doing, Tim wasn't supposed to pay me anything. [footnote 889] -- Tim was also gone by the time the fall-through occurred.  Bottom line was that Gary was unable to keep promises he made because he lost control of the company.  You can guess who was responsible for the company when Gary did not have control. 

Page 15,911 of 21,918 does make reference to my gibbering ghoul and some work by Mark Swanson (who was a gentleman and a scholar) as well as credit Gary gave me for my undersea creations (a lead in to the plane of water which did not emerge from the depths, due to conflicts and issues).

Finally, the author quotes my comments about Authentic Thaumaturgy with my caveats.  That made me smile.

All in all, good work, first pass. 

Now to read it with much more depth.

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  1. I'm definitely enjoying the book, Steve---glad to see you are as well, so far :D