Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is going on with the Russians, the ABM site and how to solve it.

First, some time for reality.  The Russians use the same "o" rings we use for our missiles.  We make sure they can steal them.  Why?  Our "o" rings fail if they freeze (ever wonder why the space shuttle uses "o" rings that cause it to blow up if they freeze?  That is so the ones available for the Russians will do the same thing).

Russian ICBMs are kept in Siberia.  Want to guess how many of them get below freezing every winter? Given that the Russians have yet to have a successful complete operational practice of their bomber fleet, want to guess how many non-nuclear submarine missiles the Russians have available at the start of the year on May 1?

That is why they are threatened by an ABM (anti-ballistic missile) system designed to "only" shoot down 5 or 6 missiles. The sooner everyone acknowledges the truth, the better.

So, does that mean that it is impossible to get a deal with the Russians where they will embrace an ABM site rather than oppose it bitterly and refuse to give an explanation that is logical or real.

Of course.  Ask the Russians to provide site security. If they have a combat battalion on site that would (a) provide some security and (b) provide them with some assurance the system would not be used against Russia. In addition, incorporate Russians into the operation of the system.

That way the site would also protect Russia and they would have some insurance that it would not operate against them.  All you need is a location, where there are political forces that want closer relationships with both the U.S. and Russia, in different ways.