Thursday, June 18, 2020

Glen Welch and the Mystara Players Handbook

Complete, thoughtful, detailed. Over two hundred pages faithfully transitioned to 5th Edition.

Honest and faithful to the original.

A massive undertaking to have completed so well.

That is the short review.

So, the longer review.

Mystara is a huge setting spread over many, many books.

This guide takes all the material and places it in one book of over two hundred pages.

Now. The majority of the material can be used with any edition of D&D.

But this book also lovingly and faithfully translates the necessary parts to fifth edition.

That means spells, abilities, character class tool kits and magic items.

The net result is a product perfect for fifth edition but great for any fan of the original Mystara who did not get each supplement (some which are now virtually impossible to find).

How comprehensive?

You can see the excerpts from the table of contents.

That comprehensive. Light on illustrations and filler. Heavy on context.

224 full sized pages of living, accurate and accessible content.

That comprehensive.