Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fixing my wiki entry

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

          That is the way it should be.  Some bizare edits have been made.

            For example, I was born in Los Angeles County, but that has been deleted. I did live in Las Vegas, but I graduated High School from Mountain Home, Idaho. I lived four years in Alaska (the longest of any place I lived until I got married).  Not that big of a thing but perplexing.

          More strange is the fact that someone edited my page to make it look like I went to TSR while I was doing my undergraduate work rather than in the summer after my first year of law school.

          I graduated from CSULA in 1979 and started law school in 1979.  Went to TSR in 1980 (where I wrote the Expert Set -- Zeb Cooki did the real editing, *without* computers, and made the Expert Set line up page for page with the prior rules so you could put them in a loose leaf binder and swap out pages if you wanted to -- something a number of people thought would be impossible to do by the deadlines).

          2016 did have have a reprise of City of the Revenant and the Planes of Fire and Ice.  2017 had the City of the Revenant, An OD&D scenario and one other (I ran three for 2017).

           I section hike the Appalachian Trail with the trail name of "d20" and my wife uses "Happy"

         I've tried to fix the wiki page a few times, the bots always revert.


  1. That's really weird. I've heard of a few other folks with similar issues. I hope you get it all sorted.

  2. Thanks. I'm hoping this will help.

  3. I know that Wiki does some strange/stupid things at times---some via bots, some via Wiki nazis. IIRC both Harami (at the Acaeum) and BOZ (once of EnWorld) were active in wikipedia.

    Looks like BOZ might still be active there, I'll reach out to him by email and cc you.


  4. Okay Steve, I think I fixed it. I may need to clean up the references a bit. There were some pretty messy errors. "Catoblepas" was never in Supp II. Not sure who had edited your page but they are apparently no longer on wikipedia. Let me know if there is anything wrong or anything else you want added. - Dan

  5. Not Steve but ... thanks DH! I always hate to see misinformation spread and the 'net has certainly facilitated such.